Safe and Sober Program (3 Hour Drug and Alcohol Class)

Are you foreigner and have a license from your country?

Trying to convert your License to Maryland?

This class is for the individual who has a License (valid or expired) from a different country and would like to covert it to a Maryland License. 

  1.                                                                           What you need to attend the class:

    1. License from your country-if it is in a different language other than English
    it needs to be translated by an authorized translator on the MVA List or the Maryland Court List.  **INTERNATIONAL LICENSE IS NOT ACCEPTED**

    2. Passport 
    3. Green card/ Residence Card OR Work Permit Card
    4. Social Security Card or ITIN number
    5. Proof of Residence ( This can be BGE Bill, Bank Statement, Cellular Phone Bill, Lease Agreement, ETC)

How do I pay for this class?

You can pay with Cash or using a major Credit/Debit Card. We Accept: VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER. 
You may also pay with a money order or Cashiers Check.
*Pricing is subject to change please contact our office for more information*


This class is given normally on Saturdays, Please contact our office for more information on dates and times. Since we are still taking COVID Protocols and are limited to the amount of students permitted in the class. 

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