Do you need to take the DRIVER IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (DIP)?

Did you get pulled over by a Police Officer or State Trooper?

Did you receive a ticket while on your LEARNER’S PERMIT, PROVISIONAL LICENSE or DRIVER’S LICENSE? 

DO YOU HAVE MORE THAN 5 points on your driving record? 

                                                                                                            …well, you need to take DIP to get back on the road. 

What do you need to bring to class?

  1. Notice that indicates you need to take this class. (it can be from the Court or MVA)
  2. Picture ID with you name on it (State issued ID card, Passport, Learner’s Permit, Provisional Driver’s License, Driver’s License, Foreign License,  Military ID)

How can I pay for this class?

You can pay with Cash or using a major credit/debit card. We only Accept: VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER. 
NO CHECKS Accepted for this class.
*Pricing is subject to change please contact our office for more information*

This class is given normally on Sundays, Please contact our office for more information on dates and times. Since we are still taking COVID Protocols and are limited to the amount of students permitted in the class. 

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